This is an important page for those of you who do not have your own site presently.

Our Standard Website Package
This Package Includes...
A Home Page + (4) Additional Web Pages.
All (5) Pages Linked Together.
Web Pages Centered and/or Block quoted.
All External Links are Included.
One Home Page "Hit" Counter.
Navigation Buttons and/or Text Links.
Specialized Page Header.
Page Layout, Text Editing, Graphics Placement,
which may include specially created animation's.

Regular Package Rate: $650.00

Special Now On  For Only
$450.00 !!!

Royal*Star Productions does NOT normally Host web sites.   We can custom tailor our rates "on occasion" to your design requirements, which naturally vary according to different situations.

Learn about Web Technology so you can communicate effectively with us. Since it is important to keep your site current, there are ways you may be able to maintain your site, all on your own.

Outline your ideas for your site, either visually or in writing.  Have an idea of what you want your Main Page to look like, and how you want to link other pages to it.  Share examples of designs that appeals to you, using paper or different Web Sites as examples of what you like.  Send us various pictures via email that you would like to have on specific pages of your new web site.

Try not to be too general with your feedback to us.  It's all right to be specific. Just remember... We want you to be satisfied! We will do whatever possible to create and design a site for you, that will certainly be worth remembering!

If you would like "Altair" at Royal*Star Productions to create a site for you, please email us today using the Email-Altair animated link below.  Thank you.

Email Your Web Site Request Here!