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Royal*Star Productions® also offers 5 Star "Smoked Beef Jerky" !
(The smoked beef jerky page is still under construction.)

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The Procedure Used:
"Cold Smoking". (Using a commercial "electric-converted" upright smoker with 6 slide-in grills.)

Salmon Types:
There are several Salmon types. We mostly use King Salmon, because it's tightly textured moreover than other types, but it contains more oil than do most other types. One positive factor the oil has, is that it actually adds to the preservation of the jerky after it's made.

Care and Handling:
Each original piece of Salmon is freshly frozen and lovingly handled with very special care. Before smoking, the Salmon is carefully cut into 1/4 inch strips about 7 inches long. They are pressure sealed/soaked in our secret Brine recipe for about 12 hours to fully absorb the ultimate Brine flavor. Then it's taken out and padded dry on both sides with paper towels to remove all excess moisture. It is then placed inside a commercial smoker and smoked with Alder Wood chips for at least two hours. Furthermore, it is left inside the smoker for an additional period of  24 hours (at a low temperature) to dry into Jerky, commonly called "Squaw Candy". After the drying process has been completed, it is immediately taken out of the smoker, patted dry again for the second time to remove any more excess oil. Then it's shrink wrapped in a vacuumed sealed package, the label attached and placed into a freezer to preserve freshness until you buy it! The total time spent in processing this delicious tasting product... is a whopping 48 hours! It's no wonder it tastes so great!

Jerky Types:
We make and sell two types of Salmon Jerky. ("Regular" and "Peppered".) The peppered, is lightly sprinkled with hot red pepper seeds. Each package will contain a minimum Net Weight of 1/4 pound of smoked Salmon, and will include the ingredients and our popular Royal*StarProductions ® label.

Varied Smoked Salmon Jerky Pricing:
The general retail price for Smoked Salmon Jerky in the USA is somewhere between $16.95 and $29.95 per pound. We sell our finished Salmon product for the retail price of $19.80 a pound.

Our Retail Price:
Each 1/4 lb. pack (Net weight) of our "Deli Style" smoked Salmon jerky, is only $4.95 each. There are approximately (3-5) sticks of Jerky in each pack, depending on the actual weight of each piece of jerky. Nevertheless, you will always receive 1/4 lb. of Jerky in each package!

When buying a "10 package segment" in quantity, we will give you a small price break. Buying a 10 pack enables you pay only $4.45 for each individual pack! That's  like paying for 9 packs (at standard price) and getting the 10th one FREE. (An overall savings of $5.00 when buying 10 at once.)
10 pack at standard price = $49.50  ($4.95 each individual pack)
10 pack at discount price = $44.50  ($4.45 each individual pack)

Wholesale Prices:
We are a small retail business, not a wholesale factory. We do not make truck loads of Jerky to ship around the world. We make small quantities at a time, so generally there is No wholesale available. Inquiries from Grocery Store Outlets will be considered. (In this case, proof of their grocery resale UBI-ID# will be requested.)

Note: All prices are in US funds. We only ship within the USA. Prices are subject to change without notice!

Shipping and Handling:
Shipping and handling charges apply on all online orders, and will be calculated when I know accurately what the shipping weight will be.

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Email: Altair@RoyalStar-Productions.com

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