Photo Album #2
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These photo albums were created by Altair at Royal*Star Productions.

Altair Now Continues with...
"Those Were The Days"

"Fighter Squadron"

Altair is shown here in a real military F-86 Jet Fighter.
(Hoping to get into a War Movie)

Radar showing targets are 50 miles at Angels 7.



 Blue Leader to flight... Bandit's are at 3 o'clock high!              Master Arm on...   I've got a lock...   Firing missiles!
I was involved in many publicity interviews with various movie stars...
Below is Raquel Welch and myself when I was in the Naval Air Force,
and beautiful  Raquel was just beginning her career on Hollywood Palace.

Raquel Welch and Altair.


Altair next to Raquel Welch. (left side) Publicity for the Armed Forces.


Below is a photograph of Jayne Mansfield and myself...
well before her very tragic accident which ultimately took her life.

Altair and Jayne Mansfield.


Our Lost Photograph!
I once had a picture of  Marilyn Monroe and myself together.
However, I loaned it out years ago and later forgot who I loaned it to.
What a pity! I would have placed it here along with the rest of them.
(Instead of our picture together, I am presenting just her... below.)


Altair - Commercial Pilot License.  I've been flying since 1960.

Photo taken in 1997

~ I made actual radio contact - with an Astronaut in outer space ~
This contact "was really" out of this world!
(See text at bottom of picture)

Susan J. Helms (Colonel, USAF) NASA Astronaut

 STS-64 Discovery Mission, September 9-20, 1994.
Susan Helms Biographical Data - Click Here!

I actually talked to Susan on my "Ham Radio" from my mountain cabin, while she was in outer space
aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. (Sept. 1994)  To say the least, it was a very  important day for me.
I was only using 5 watts of power on my 2 Meter Ham Radio, connected to a car battery inside my home!
(I have written conformation of this contact - direct from the NASA Space Center, as proof.)

Discovery - And Earth
This is about what it looked like... as I made my radio contact with Discovery.
Think you could find Altair... down there on earth somewhere?


Below is the Post Card (QSL) I sent to NASA
(To confirm my actual contact with the Discovery Space Shuttle.)
The QSL includes my Ham Radio Call-Sign (on front) and important contact data on back side.

I creatively designed  this (QSL) card on the floor in my bedroom.

Two Great Minds Meet!
Altair Has Private Conversation - With World Famous Astronomer!

Carl Sagan
"A Fallen Hero"
(November 9, 1934 - December 20, 1996)

See text below picture.

In 1982, after doing (3) live radio shows in Phoenix Arizona on the subject of Telepathic Communications and
 UFO's,  Altair entered the guarded gates of NASA in Southern California to talk with some of the Scientists of  S.E.T.I.
 (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) While he was there, he was very fortunate to have had a private conversation
with Dr. Carl Sagan concerning "Inter-Dimensional" Spacecraft (UFO's), they're existence, and reality. Altair was representing
"Universal Dynamics Research" at the time, which was an organization he created himself. Before leaving the guarded gates of 
NASA that day, Carl Sagan invited Altair to fly out and visit him at his office at Cornell University, in Ithaca New York.
  Altair remembers their meeting at NASA, as though it was just yesterday! Mr. Segan was wearing a plaid shirt, dark shoes, and a simple
pair of every day blue jeans! Later, just after Carl Segan passed away in December of 1996, a very incredible movie was made that was
based on his new book and in behalf of all mankind. The movie I'm sure you've either heard about, or have seen. It is called... "Contact"!
Click Picture To See Animation!


Altair was a Police Officer  in 1964......................... Altair remembering his cowboy days.
He was also a Deputy Sheriff in 1972...........................(This Photo was taken in about 1992.)

Altair Dives To Sunken Ship!
Catalina Island's most famous Shipwreck called the "Valiant"!

Catalina's most famous shipwreck called the "Valiant" was a 444 ton steel motor yacht which was built in 1926. It was 163 feet
long and had a 26 foot beam. (It was one of the largest private yachts in the world at the time.)  It had a gas generator that they
 feel may have exploded.  The ship caught fire and was towed out by the harbor patrol until the anchor dropped.  For three days
 it burned, and then it sank on December 30, 1930.  There was a reported loss of  $67,000 in jewels aboard, when the ship sank.
The wreck still lies perpendicular to shore, listing to port, stern is in sand at 80 feet, and  the bow at 110 feet deep.  Divers may
still enjoy this wreck, only when granted permission by the Harbor Master. Altair dove to this sunken wreck in 1960 with complete
SCUBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) gear. He ventured around the entire wreck, finding a white bathtub still inside.
Most everything else of value had been removed. There are some pictures below which help you visualize his great adventure.

Actual Picture Below - Curtesy of  "Catalina  SCUBA LUV" Dive Shop

The three pictures below are not from Altair's dive,
but are used to simply help you visualize his adventure.


Shall  I pose for this? Oh Well..

- Altair -
 Current Photo taken January  2002


Altair's two-story home (Cabin) in the forest.


Altair's little Car.  (Toyota Celica GT) Just sold this last year!


Click Pic - to see more views!

Altair's Bayliner - Sold it Last Year too!



Don't forget to check out my songs.

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 Songs I wrote, sang, and recorded near Hollywood California in 1962

( Except for: "All I have to do is Dream" )


A Little More About Altair  - In His Own Words:

As you may well realize by now,  I go by my Spiritual Name: "Altair". I use this name on the web where I promote my business
which is called: Royal*Star Productions.  I am a completely self taught webmaster and have learned to create unique graphics,
banners, animation's, awards, and websites for individuals and companies world wide. 
I have created graphics for Main
Stream  Sites such as: (Ham Radio), (LampLogic CallSign Lamps), , along with
(Auction site), (Search Engine Site), Karen Lyster's UFO Site (UFO's - The Beginning of a new world)
and the widely well known "CAUS.COM" (C.A.U.S. - Citizens Against UFO Secrecy) which has been  invaluable to US Citizens.

Among other clients I have worked with, I've also created "free gift" animated graphic's for several celebrities, such as: Art Bell
(Radio - TV, UFO Related),  Jeff Rense ("Sightings" - UFO - Radio, Web), Richard C. Hoagland (Enterprise Mission - UFO - TV, Radio, Web).
I know I must also mention and include of course," Shirley MacLaine" (Movie Actress and Metaphysician - TV, Movies and Web). 
Below is an "Example" of what I made for her...

(Shirley's name above took approximately (73) separate graphics to make the animation complete.)
I've been doing this kind of work for approximately fifteen years and now that I find myself retired,
 I have the time to work on the web on a constant basis, and I really seem to love every minute of it

If you  have any suggestions or comments, you may contact Altair by email:

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