Photo Album #1
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These photo albums were created by Altair at Royal*Star Productions.
"Those Were The Days"

Being a little timid to what may appear to be a bit egotistical, I asked myself: "Should I really dare to put these photographs on the web?" Instead of letting these precious memories just fade away, I've decided to share them with the world, giving life back to them - and maybe some of you viewing these can find a little value in them also. This is one of the ways I can keep a better record of some of my best experiences

The photograph's below were taken of me, in or near Hollywood. I was only in my early 20's (1960's) when these pictures were taken.  Because I worked at a Motion Picture Ranch at the time, I had given serious thought to get the part of "Maverick" on the western TV series where there was an opening at the time.Back then, this was a great adventure in itself.  And above all,  that is why  I must continue to say...    "Those Were The Days" !

  Altair's first cowboy picture - that started a new and exciting adventure.

(He is shown in all the pictures below - wearing a black hat.)

Scene where (Altair on left), arrests a Cattle Rustlerinside a Saloon .

........... .......

Altair Interviews for "Maverick" on TV series.    Go ahead.... "If you feel lucky"


YOU dealt the cards... NOT me!....Being a Stunt Man - did have it's advantages!
    .....         .....
My girlfriend, (blonde on left) dated Elvis Presley! - Motion Picture Ranch where I worked near Hollywood.
Also shown (Far left & Far Right in both pictures), is Ray "Crash" Corrigan, the owner of the Motion Picture Ranch.
Crash Corrigan... has been in many movies (made in the early 1930's), with the well known  "John Wayne"!

Recognize this guy (on the right) shown with Altair?
He's John Russell from the "Law Man" TV series.


Altair is shown on the horse - meeting another TV celebrity.

Altair - Taken during a Publicity Photo Shoot in the early 1960's.

This photo was taken when Altair owned his own horse privately.
All  Altair had to say was... "Up... Sunset"  (Just like Roy Rogers horse!)

Motion Picture Ranch (Corriganville) Main Web Site!
( When Altair Worked There, Ray "Crash" Corrigan Was The Owner )
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Personal Note by Altair:

I feel very fortunate to have met many Movies Stars when I was younger.  I have appeared on different TV networks including
Truth or Consequences with Bob Barker, the Al Jarvis show on ABC TV, and People Will Talk on ABC TV.  I found myself involved
in many publicity interviews with various movie stars in the 1960's, such as Raquel Welch, who started her career on Hollywood Palace.

There were many others, such as Caesar Romero, Johnny Wisemuller (Tarzan TV series), Clent Walker (Cheyenne TV series),
Peter Brown (Law Man TV series), John Russel (Law Man TV series), Dennis Weaver (Chester, of Gun Smoke TV series and
did later play "McCloud" in a more recent TV series), and the well known Joan Crawford. There were even more which I met,
including Roy Rogers & Dale Evens (below)
, Marilyn Monroe & Jayne Mansfield. I have many more photographs of particular
movie stars (that are not mentioned above), which my very dear Mother (bless her hear) had safely saved for me over the  years.


Roy Rogers & Dale Evens - Altair met them at their ranch in Chatsworth, CA (Long Story!)
Roy Rogers actually gave me one of the "bullets" from his 1940's gun belt whereas I was thrilled.
Roy also allowed me to hold a 45 Simi Automatic Pistol  that Audi Murphy, the most decorated
WW2 Hero, had given to him. .. There are a lot of my true adventures  (including this one about
Roy Rogers & Dale Evens
), outlined in the very first chapter of my book  "Incredible Reality".
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