~ For My Very Precious Departed Mother ~

The Song You Will Hear:
"In This Life - I Was Loved By You"
I  personally  dedicate - to her! 
( This song may take some time... to load )

(Photo taken about 20 years earlier.)

I Deeply Miss - And I Love You...  With All My Heart Mother... 
Far Beyond...   What Words...   Could...   Ever Say...
You are the Greatest Mother... Anyone could ever... hope to have...

God... I miss you!!! 

My Mother is the very best friend I ever had. She passed away on Monday June 26th 2000
What a woman! She was only just one and a half months short of being 90 years old.
My Mother was the only person I've ever known with a birthdate of  8-9-10

Mother was a Role Model for us all.
When she quietly slipped away... It seemed as though my entire heart... went with her.
She was survived by all of her (5) children.

The Crown... My Mother So Preciously Deserves.

This page was created on June 28th 2000 for Susie D. Walker
By Her Very Loving Son - Altair - aka: Bobby.