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To hear the "Thunder" repeated - just refresh your computer screen!
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Royal*Star Productions "Platinum Edition V 8.0" is NEW and will NOT be found in stores.

When you order Dynamic Thunderstorm "Blue Thunder" - Platinum Edition - Version 8, you will receive a CD containing some of the most exciting sounds you've ever heard. The audio has been digitally enhanced, is seamless, and in Stereo! This CD was developed to play easily on most any Home Entertainment Center, Car CD Stereo, Portable CD Player or CD ROM.

The Platinum Edition - Version 8 CD  is NOT just one of those 15-20 minute sound effects disc's like you can buy downtown! Our "Blue Thunder"Dynamic Thunderstorm CD gives you a whopping 80 minutes of continuous play which includes a total of 15 tracks! That's one whole hour and twenty minutes of non stop... "seamless" thunderstorm, produced to sound as natural as it is in reality!

You can even play this CD at night to go to sleep by, as you cuddle inside your nice warm blankets! It will not be hard to visualize the lightening... for the soothing rain, dynamic thunder, and even the "Crickets" are so very clear and vivid. The Crickets begin to make their first appearance within the first minute of the track, and after that, they can be heard in various other areas. Listen for them! The rumbling and claps of thunder you will hear on this CD are so exquisite, it will absolutely capture just about anyone's attention!

If you really want some Extra Excitement... simply turn the volume control..."Way Up"!!!!

Just think how wonderful it will be, especially on those nights while laying on a soft carpet in front of the fire place, listening virtually to the awesome sounds of a thundering nature. Dynamic Thunderstorm is geared to set the mood for any of your... verrrrrry cozy evenings at home. The sounds are so real and life like, you may think it is actually pouring down rain outside, as you listen to this one hour and 20 minute "Awesome" sound track! It's about as real as it gets!

Royal*Star Productions hopes you will be delighted with this Audio CD, and that you will enjoy it completely!
Sorry... This Item Is Temporarily Out Of Stock!  

To hear the "Thunder" repeated - just refresh your computer screen!
Dynamic Thunderstorm... is on One (1) continuous 80 Min. CD!

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To hear the "Thunder" repeated - just refresh your computer screen!

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