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I have been a Graphic Artist for Main Stream Sites such (Ham Radio), (LampLogic CallSign Lamps), (All Categories), (Auction site), (Search Engine site), and Karen Lyster's UFO Site (UFO's - The Beginning of a new world).  I have created "free gift" animated graphic's for several celebrities such as: Art Bell (Radio - UFO Related), Jeff Rense ("Sightings" - UFO - Radio,Web), Richard C. Hoagland (Enterprise Mission - UFO - TV, Radio, Web), and... Shirley MacLaine (Movie Actor and Metaphysician)


( Shirley's name above... took approximately (73) "separate graphics" to make the animation complete! )

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( Note: I will NOTcreate graphics for Adult sites!)

( I also create Websites & Graphics for Racing Pigeon Clubs and Flyers! )
( I am a member of the staff at )

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A couple Examples of my Pigeon website creativity

# 1.)   Dale & Karen Flemmer's Loft
# 2.)
( #2  Link is no longer available! )

Banner Examples and Pricing.

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Below are several "Samples" of banners to help give you an idea of what your banner could realistically look like. You may choose any colors you want. You can choose to have your banner with or without a header, and with or without any buttons or URL. Basically, you can receive your banner just about any way you want it!

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Below   are   only   few   examples   of   my   banners


( Animated Banners usually attract more attention and get "clicked on" more often.)




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Great Lamps for every occassion.


Regarding Backgrounds

You may choose any colors you want, with or without a header on the banner, and with or without any buttons or URL.  I will use "your" graphic images if you will supply them. Simply "explain"  the details to me of what you want.  The examples below show different styles of backgrounds and headers.


Website Banners of standard size
(468x60) for either static or animated.
--  $35.00 each  --
( Other banner sizes and graphics are negotiable in price - depending on what is involved. )

I accept PayPal !

I accept payment through's PayPal!


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Royal*Star Creations can also "create" an award for you! However...
We no longer create these graphic Awards - but we can on Special Orders!

We no longer create these graphic Awards - but we can on Special Orders!

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